Circular economy

Webinar highlights: Metrics for a circular economy

27th January 2023 Posted by

Blog by Bethany Çiftçi, Internal Communications Executive at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. How do we know if we’re making progress towards a more circular economy? What data are we collecting and measuring? What do we need to target or measure in the future and what could be done to improve our understanding and evidence base? These questions formed the

Wondering about a greener Christmas

16th December 2022 Posted by

Blog by Dr Tracey Leghorn, Chief Business Services Officer, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. It may be, as the cheesy Andy Williams Christmas song tells us, ‘The most wonderful time of the year’ but it is also extremely challenging for many. To focus on business first, after Boxing Day and New Year’s Day our refuse collection crews must move mountains of

Webinar highlights: Reuse and repair

16th December 2022 Posted by

Blog by Emily Nurse, Sustainability and Social Value Intern at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. With growing demand for a shift to a more circular economy, reuse and repair programmes have rapidly come to the fore, looking to become the next priority within the waste prevention agenda. Following the launch of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK’s guide, Putting reuse at

Part 1: A waste newbie’s week of site visits – key takeaways

16th December 2022 Posted by

Our Social Value and Sustainability Intern, Emily Nurse shares her key learnings from her week of visiting various SUEZ locations across the UK. During October, I was given the opportunity to visit a number of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK waste management sites around the country. Having only been at SUEZ since September, it was a fantastic chance for me

Five surprising facts about the Suffolk energy-from-waste facility

14th November 2022 Posted by

Since 2014, our Suffolk energy-from-waste (EfW) facility has been putting waste to good use by converting waste materials into energy to generate electricity. The facility, in partnership with Suffolk County Council, processes 295,000 tonnes of waste a year from households and businesses across Suffolk. What makes this facility so unique? Here are five surprising facts about the Suffolk EfW.

What will the next 12 months look like for the waste industry?

14th October 2022 Posted by

Nearly a month since the RWM & Let’s Recycle Live 2022, the UK’s leading event for waste, resource and sustainability professionals, we are catching up with Emily Nurse our Sustainability and Social Value Intern, to capture the insight of an industry newcomer, who spent a couple of days in Birmingham last month to find out what the next 12 months

Going circular – what next?

21st July 2022 Posted by

Working with Think Tanks to drive the Agenda As a business, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK often support, both financially and with our time, experience and insights, the work of environmental and business think tanks. These think tanks  can take fresh look at a particular issue or policy and through research and analysis develop some key policy recommendations to support

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