Is it time for a new perspective on residual collections?

17th June 2015 Posted by

Post by our guest blogger, Sarah Ottaway, Municipal Recycling Manager at SUEZ environnement Amid a backdrop of widespread budget cuts and a growing awareness of key sustainability issues, is it time to challenge our expectations about the way recycling and refuse is collected from our homes?

A look back at 2014

15th December 2014 Posted by

As we head towards Christmas, I have been wondering what the subject for my last blog of the year could be. Should I be Dickens’ Scrooge and talk about the challenges many businesses face following recent case law on the methodology of calculating holidays? Or should I be more like Father Christmas and talk about what many of us do

Diary from a cargo vessel taking refuse derived fuel to Sweden

18th August 2014 Posted by

Name: Robert ‘Bob’ Pollock Job title: Senior Site Manager Bob’s normally in charge of a number of sites in Newcastle. However, for one week this spring, he ran off to sea.. on a cargo vessel taking refuse derived fuel to Sweden – which was filmed as part of a BBC documentary on the waste industry.

We always treat the green belt with respect

16th August 2013 Posted by

Despite the spin put on by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles in his recent newspaper interview that proposed new rules in the updated planning policy paper Planning for sustainable waste management “will discourage the likes of incinerators and waste dumps on Green Belt land”, the reality is less dramatic. Leaving aside Mr Pickles’ deplorable choice of language in describing modern fully-engineered

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