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Webinar highlights: Green skills for a better tomorrow

5th May 2023 Posted by

Blog By Siobhan O’Dell, Community Liaison Manager at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. Last Friday, SUEZ hosted a webinar on the topic of Green skills for a better tomorrow, chaired by Dr Adam Read. Adam was joined by four expert panellists – Sarahjane Widdowson from Intelisos, Katie Cockburn from CIWM, Fiona Dear from The Restart Project and SUEZ colleague, Claire

Webinar highlights: Why waste and resource managers should be thinking about repair  

24th February 2023 Posted by

Blog by Emily Nurse, Sustainability and Social Value Intern at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. Today, repair is increasingly working its way towards centre stage, gaining traction and acknowledgment by society in a multifaceted bid to save money, protect the environment, and to reduce consumption. Chairing this week’s webinar, Dr Adam Read, Chief External Affairs and Sustainability Officer at SUEZ

Webinar highlights: Metrics for a circular economy

27th January 2023 Posted by

Blog by Bethany Çiftçi, Internal Communications Executive at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. How do we know if we’re making progress towards a more circular economy? What data are we collecting and measuring? What do we need to target or measure in the future and what could be done to improve our understanding and evidence base? These questions formed the

Going circular – what next?

21st July 2022 Posted by

Working with Think Tanks to drive the Agenda As a business, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK often support, both financially and with our time, experience and insights, the work of environmental and business think tanks. These think tanks  can take fresh look at a particular issue or policy and through research and analysis develop some key policy recommendations to support

The future of business must be the triple bottom line

22nd October 2021 Posted by

Blog by Dr Adam Read, Director of External Affairs at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK.  With the world now waking up to the perfect storm of climate, biodiversity and social crises, it is clear that businesses and other organisations must play their part fully in tackling these issues head on, because without the private sector delivering its best foot forward, we

Sustainability is good business

6th November 2020 Posted by

Pressure on retail and hospitality sectors is mounting There is little doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has tested the resilience of UK businesses in all sectors. Business face dealing with front line staff absences, increasing service demand – online retail and waste management for example – and the furloughing of staff with uncertainty about their return to work. Not to

Media reporting and the evolving UK resources and waste sector

6th December 2019 Posted by

With the general election only days away, the media coverage of the debates, issues, and back stories continues to ramp up, you can’t really escape the plethora of well-crafted soundbites, well-planned photo shoots, and the obvious political sparring that happens when the UK goes to the polls. Now some of the media will tell you they are impartial or even

Seven ways to reduce your environmental impact in 2019 | part four – reduce single-use!

16th September 2019 Posted by

Posted by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. Single-use products are a contributing factor that feeds the growing global plastic pollution problem, influencing many of us to seek a more sustainable lifestyle – Sir David Attenborough has taught us the impact that we have on our planet through the BBC’s Blue Planet II, which aired in 2018. As consumers, we can

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