SUEZ recycling and recovery UK is one of UK’s largest resource management and recycling companies.

Pressure on the world’s natural resources is escalating and driving the need for businesses, industries and societies to change. We must shift from an economy based on consumption to one re‑built around managing resources. This is nothing less than a ‘resource revolution’.

Our business too is undergoing profound change as we play our part in this revolution and the emerging circular economy.

It remains our purpose to protect the environment by ‘putting waste to good use’. To extract maximum value from our customers’ waste, we are transforming how we operate as a company. As well as a service provider, we are a growing energy supplier and a manufacturing enterprise as well, producing a range of products to the specifications of different customers and markets.

We are passionate about what we do and so hope through this blog to share our thoughts on the key issues affecting our industry, as well as our views on wider economic, government and environmental affairs.

We hope you enjoy it and welcome your comments. Let us know what you think.

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