Recruitment challenges during the rebrand process

11th August 2015 Posted by

A rebrand is an exciting, yet challenging project for any company, but never underestimate the time and the effort involved in it. There are a thousand of things to think about, we know it, we’re going through the rebrand process ourselves, as SITA UK changes its name to SUEZ.

It is a long and incredibly complex process, and in our case it’s even more complicated, as it is a worldwide project for the SUEZ group. It will be a gradual process that will take several years to complete.  Buildings, vehicles, containers and uniforms will not change immediately and we will not transform into our new brand overnight.

However, my main focus is on how we manage this change from a recruitment point of view. As the transformation is planned over a period of time, and we have yet to change the legal entity that is the employer (currently SITA UK), my resourcing team and I are struggling with the company name that we should be using in our recruitment activity.

Just use the new name, I hear you say – well, it’s not as simple as it may seem. Our company website, an offer letter and all associated materials that are currently referring to SITA UK will need to change. We’ve decided, however, to follow this route and have started advertising current vacancies as jobs available at SUEZ, and we are now prepared for a period of time when we will face some communication challenges. I’m hoping that the changeover will run as smoothly as possible, and that we will keep attracting the right people to work in our organisation!

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