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Employee engagement survey – the results

4th December 2017 Posted by

The results of the SUEZ recycling and recovery UK employee engagement survey for 2017, U Say, are finally in. In my last blog I highlighted a phenomenal return rate of 84% across the entire population of our employees and today I am pleased to continue with positive messages. Our partner in this journey, Best Companies, have confirmed that we have retained

Employee engagement survey – a world class result

13th November 2017 Posted by

Here, at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK we are excited and full of anticipation as we await the results of our latest employee engagement survey. The survey is called U Say and we run it every two years with our partner Best Companies, a company specialising in workplace and employee engagement.

‘U say’ – our employee engagement survey

18th August 2015 Posted by

Last week we’ve started the promotional activities for the ‘U Say 2015’ survey – a company-wide employee engagement questionnaire arranged by SUEZ in the UK every other year. For the third time running we are being supported in this process by the Best Companies, an independent research company that helps organisations gain competitive advantage by measuring, recognising and improving employee

Recruitment challenges during the rebrand process

11th August 2015 Posted by

A rebrand is an exciting, yet challenging project for any company, but never underestimate the time and the effort involved in it. There are a thousand of things to think about, we know it, we’re going through the rebrand process ourselves, as SITA UK changes its name to SUEZ.

“Get hired. Love your job”

21st July 2015 Posted by

In my previous blogs I wrote extensively about employee engagement, employer brand, and changes in the industry that require a whole raft of new skills. I also mentioned the concept of on-boarding, a strategic process of engaging with new employees that goes beyond standard induction by providing information, training, mentoring and coaching throughout the transition.

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