Seven ways to reduce your environmental impact in 2019 | part four – reduce single-use!

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Single-use products are a contributing factor that feeds the growing global plastic pollution problem, influencing many of us to seek a more sustainable lifestyle – Sir David Attenborough has taught us the impact that we have on our planet through the BBC’s Blue Planet II, which aired in 2018.

As consumers, we can all take steps to be more eco-friendly by seeking alternatives to plastic items and investing in recycled and reusable alternatives, that will put a stop to us needing to purchase single-use plastic when we’re on the go.

Plenty more fish in the sea? Well, when it comes the environment, perhaps not! According to Dame Ellen Macarthur by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. This daunting thought really provokes the need for us as a society to act now.

So, what steps can we take now to make a more circular economy by reducing our use of single-use plastic?

1. Consider having convenience items delivered by the milk man. The milk cart is a product of the early 90’s, but even now you can still have milk delivered in glass bottles that are reused time and time again! In fact, you can now have fresh produce such as bread, fruits, vegetables, and juices – as well as milk – delivered direct to your door!

Close up of milk float cargo on morning delivery round

2. Invest in a reusable water bottle and coffee cup – simple but effective. You will no longer contribute to the 2.5 million single-use coffee cups that are used every day. Also, many outlets offer a discount for taking your own cup. Win, win!

Reusable Water Bottle

3. Shop local and take refillable containers – visit your local farm shop or find your closest packaging free supermarket to cut out plastic from shopping altogether, whilst also supporting the local community and farms. Many supermarket delicatessens also encourage customers to bring your own tubs to take meats and cheeses home in to follow the zero waste concept.

Zero waste concept, sustanable lifestyle - glass and paper reusable packaging for grocery shopping

4. Stock up with eco-friendly alternatives to plastic such as Beeswax wraps instead of cling film, reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags, and washable cloths to replace
short-term use sponges and cloths.

Close-up of yellow honeycomb

5. Find your local refill station where you can refill your washing-up liquid bottles, laundry liquids and all-purpose cleaners. This way plastic bottles can be used more than 50 times!

refill station - ecover

6. Go naked! Many retailers for products such as soap and shampoo now design products that do not need packaging, therefore no waste!

Stack of Naked soap bars

7. Extend the lifespan of your wardrobe, as small plastic microbes from clothing can end up in the sea! Make fast fashion a thing of the past. Fashion retailers now have sustainable ranges but remember to hand-on your used clothing to friends, family and charity shops to give these items a second, third and even fourth life!

Recycle logo - textiles reuse

Save pounds and the planet book


We’d love to hear more about your tried and tested methods of minimising your impact on the environment, so please do comment and share them with us below.

In return for your eco-wisdom, we will select seven of your best ideas to receive the “Save pounds and the planet” book, which is a green guide to saving the planet and your purse that’s quirkier, easier and smarter.

It is our mission to live in a society with no more waste. We can make simple changes to reduce the amount of waste we produce and by being more resourceful in our purchasing habits, we as individuals will be able to improve our impact on the planet!


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