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19th November 2019 Posted by

Dr Tracey Leghorn, SUEZ recycling and recovery UKPosted by Dr Tracey Leghorn, HR Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK.

On 21 November, SUEZ Group is holding its first global Health Day where we’ll be raising awareness about our commitment to the health and wellbeing of all our people.

Our activities will extend beyond the day. Throughout the week we’ll be holding health webinars to share best practice across our global business.

In the UK, we’ll be sharing the work our people have done to create our own Wellness Charter and how this will help us develop a culture that promotes and actively supports the wellness of all of us, every day.

Wellness is a broad subject. It extends beyond the workplace and includes areas such as emotional, mental, social and physical wellbeing, as well as being job-related and how we can be influenced by our working environment.

The SUEZ wellness charter

SUEZ Wellness Vision

The key thing that stands out at SUEZ is the unique culture that exists and the warmth of our people. We have made positive strides to build solid foundations regarding wellbeing, including securing the services of Wellness International, our occupational health provider and a range of other initiatives.

We are proud that our Wellness Charter has been developed for our people, by our people, as well as including the contribution of our Wellness Steering Group and SUEZ Works Council, all of whom are passionate about this area.

Together, they worked to define what wellness means to us at SUEZ and created our vision of ‘wellness for all’. We aim to achieve this apparition by taking forward proactive initiatives across the range of eight wellness areas that we identified as being important to our people: diversity and inclusion, emotional, financial, job-related, mental wellbeing, physical health, social and work environment.

SUEZ Wellness Working GroupWe have started work on our first priority of mental health by partnering with a mental health and resilience expert in order to deliver mental health awareness and resilience training sessions across our business.

We recently started by offering training to everyone who took part in developing our charter and the feedback has been very positive indeed. During 2020, we will roll out awareness and resilience session across our business, so that we can proactively provide our people with tools and techniques to help them manage their mental health. As a business we will develop awareness more generally in order that we can support our people who need it, when they need it.

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