SUEZ warns against Brexit

18th March 2016 Posted by

Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU) would leave a large void in environmental policy and could undermine a decade of improvement, according to SUEZ recycling and recovery UK CEO, David Palmer-Jones. As the country moves closer to the EU referendum vote in June 2016, David warned that a move away from the EU might increase red-tape associated with the trade

Fighting small battles will help win the war on waste

4th March 2016 Posted by

In order to achieve a circular and more resourceful future we, as individuals, need to challenge many of the small conventions present in our everyday lives. In my view, making the transition to a more circular society in easy-to-manage, ‘bite-sized’ chunks is essential and will ensure that everyone in society comes along for the ride. Take, for example, restaurant food

The New Plastics Economy report struggles to say something genuinely new

25th January 2016 Posted by

The circular economy has been so extensively studied over recent years, at least at the level of principles and policies that coming up with fresh and novel angles is becoming increasingly difficult. For all the qualities we have come to expect – comprehensive, well written, full of interesting material flow and economic data difficult to obtain elsewhere – the latest

The New Year’s resolutions

25th January 2016 Posted by

For most of us January is the time of making resolutions, as we enter the new year and are getting ready for all its challenges and opportunities. Maybe we will trot out the old favourites … joining a gym, giving up smoking or perhaps drinking less, but we all know that many of these resolutions fall by the wayside by the

Engagement survey – focus on manual employees

17th November 2015 Posted by

Our organisation is made up of over 300 sites spread from the very north of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall. With many sites having as few as five employees our supervisors and managers are spread out widely, and often have responsibility for a number of sites at different locations. This has always presented us with the challenge of ensuring

Private sector contractors accept competition and its consequences

16th November 2015 Posted by

The revelation following the BBC Sunday Politics show (8 November, 2015) that the private sector operated as a “cartel” and that their involvement in waste collection did not increase competition is a curious inversion of the argument generally put forward for outsourcing waste collection, as opposed to keeping the service in-house.

Defra’s budget reduction

13th November 2015 Posted by

The news that Defra is to face a budget reduction of 30 per cent over the next four years will not come as much of a surprise to most waste-watchers if that departmental cut is salami-sliced across to Rory Stewart’s waste and resources team. Given the low-key approach to waste management that Defra has taken over the past few years,

Employee engagement survey – the results

10th November 2015 Posted by

Just over a month ago our ‘U Say’ employee engagement survey for 2015 came to a close. Running up to this survey I was concerned about the return rate, as we changed the information collection method moving from a paper-based to an electronic format for a large section of employees – in fact, nearly 80 per cent of our staff

England’s recycling rate is flatlining

23rd October 2015 Posted by

The news that Birmingham City Council (BCC) has not only missed its 2014/15 household waste recycling target of 35 per cent by six percentage points, but has also downgraded its 2015/16 target from 35 per cent to 30 per cent highlights many of the concerns SUEZ and others in the waste management sector have expressed to the new government. Firstly,

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