Celebrating women in engineering

23rd June 2021 Posted by

Today is International Women in Engineering Day and we are celebrating the incredible work that women engineers across the globe are doing to support lives and livelihoods. We caught up with some of our own engineers to hear about the great work they are doing asked them, why did they choose engineering – here’s what they had to say. Molly

Consistency in collection customer workshop

23rd June 2021 Posted by

Blog by Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK After the efforts of completing the consultation responses for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Deposit Return Schemes, we held an excellent customer session on Consistency in Collection (CIC) and its impacts on the waste management systems. At first look at costs, you might be drawn to think

What is a waste management audit and how does it work?

9th June 2021 Posted by

How well do you understand your business’s waste streams? How much waste do you produce? What percentage is recyclable? Could you reduce your waste further? Chances are, there are areas in your waste streams where you can improve efficiency, minimise waste and save money. And it all starts with a waste management audit. A waste management audit will help to

Business waste jargon buster

3rd June 2021 Posted by

Don’t let business waste jargon bamboozle you – use the SUEZ jargon buster to sift through and understand the all-important terms when organising your business waste. A Anaerobic digestion Anaerobic digestion is the process of breaking down organic matter, and is an alternative to composting of food waste. The process is called anaerobic because it takes place in the absence

What will be the impact of consistent collections on EPR?

27th May 2021 Posted by

What will be the impact of consistent collections on EPR? After eight weeks of consultation frenzy, reading, re-reading and commenting on the EPR and DRS proposals, the end of the consultation period is almost upon us. Our analysis and assessment period has been impacted by the consistent collection policy reform consultation being delayed by almost four weeks during the local

Consultations 2021: Understanding the proposed payment mechanisms

24th May 2021 Posted by

Following a recent deep-dive workshop session with customers, Stuart Hayward-Higham helped us to understand the proposed flow of materials through the new EPR and DRS systems and how new testing requirements will be critical to informing both the evidence chain and the payments made to organisations throughout the system. Here, Stuart summarises some of the key issues discussed and learnings

Consultations 2021: Planning and managing the necessary transitions

19th May 2021 Posted by

Blog by Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. This blog seeks to capture the outputs of a deep-dive workshop session that I ran for our customers. Seeking to place the EPR and DRS objectives into actions and sequences that helped us understand the scope and journey of the necessary transition from where we are, to

Only natural? Don’t miss a chance to enhance mental health

10th May 2021 Posted by

What do you do when you need to unwind from work? What would you do if your boss encouraged you to: ‘take an hour away from work to do something for your wellbeing’? I know what many of my team did. They headed out to the nearest park or beauty spot, or the sea front, depending on where they live.

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