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Another opportunity for the fresh thinking

18th May 2017 Posted by

With a hard Brexit now on the cards, we seem to be veering between bravado (releasing ourselves from “EU environmental diktats”, according to one quote) and talking ourselves into a blue funk over the prospect of losing the very bedrock of our sector’s foundational policies and modus operandi. The truth is that while the waste management sector relies overwhelmingly on

SUEZ warns against Brexit

18th March 2016 Posted by

Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU) would leave a large void in environmental policy and could undermine a decade of improvement, according to SUEZ recycling and recovery UK CEO, David Palmer-Jones. As the country moves closer to the EU referendum vote in June 2016, David warned that a move away from the EU might increase red-tape associated with the trade

Don’t be caught out by Brussels for a second time

22nd February 2013 Posted by

Waste-watchers in the UK would do well to keep a weather eye on policy developments at the European Commission. 2013 marks the review of targets contained in a Directive that has single-handedly changed the face of waste management in the UK – the Landfill Directive. The UK was unprepared for the Directive when it came into force in 2002, scrambling

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