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Consultations 2021: Understanding the proposed payment mechanisms

24th May 2021 Posted by

Following a recent deep-dive workshop session with customers, Stuart Hayward-Higham helped us to understand the proposed flow of materials through the new EPR and DRS systems and how new testing requirements will be critical to informing both the evidence chain and the payments made to organisations throughout the system. Here, Stuart summarises some of the key issues discussed and learnings

Consultations 2021: Planning and managing the necessary transitions

19th May 2021 Posted by

Blog by Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. This blog seeks to capture the outputs of a deep-dive workshop session that I ran for our customers. Seeking to place the EPR and DRS objectives into actions and sequences that helped us understand the scope and journey of the necessary transition from where we are, to

Consultations 2021: The fundamental importance of evidence

30th April 2021 Posted by

Blog by Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. The first of our deep-dive EPR and DRS discussion workshops with our customers focused on the importance of evidence in the systems being proposed in the recent waste and resources sector consultations from DEFRA. By approaching evidence in a systematic way we were able to translate the

Consultations | Exploring the impact of the upcoming policy reforms

15th April 2021 Posted by

Blog by Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK Earlier this week we started our series of online workshops and webinars focused on the recently released DEFRA consultations on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) that are planning to significantly reshape packaging design, recycling and recovery for the next 20 years. Our first

Significant policy reforms – have your say

7th April 2021 Posted by

Blog by Dr Adam Read (External Affairs Director, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK) The wait is over After almost two years of waiting, mostly as a result of COVID which has been understandable, DEFRA has finally published its second set of consultations on 24 March 2021, relating to extended producer responsibility (EPR) and a proposed deposit return scheme (DRS). The

What you need to know about disposing of your lateral flow devices

16th March 2021 Posted by

England started 2021 shackled by yet another national lockdown. These strict restrictions were put in place to ensure that we limited the pressure on an extremely strained NHS and slow down the virus spread. Whilst the vaccination roll-out, which started in December 2020, is critical in our fight against coronavirus, mass COVID testing will also be a critical part of

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