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The evolving environment for women in waste

13th September 2019 Posted by

Posted by Dr Tracey Leghorn. I recently explored the changing gender profile of the waste workforce and how society is calling on women to lead as influencers in our worldwide mission to become eco-aware, care for our dwindling resources, and protect our ever-impacted climate. At SUEZ, I’m proud to chair our thriving Women’s Network and our Women’s Strategy Delivery Group.

What can be done to further improve the participation and progression of women in the recycling and waste industry?

17th May 2019 Posted by

Posted by Dr Tracey Leghorn, Human Resources Director | SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. Women in waste – top of the industry agenda? Science and gender equality are both vital for the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In the last 15 years, the global community has made a lot of effort

Outstanding learning opportunities through apprenticeship programme

15th May 2019 Posted by

Posted by Dr Tracey Leghorn, Human Resources Director | SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. The apprenticeship programme at SUEZ As a worldwide player in water and waste, we have numerous apprenticeships and work experience opportunities for school leavers and students. We offer vocational apprenticeship courses for a variety of roles across the business and the UK including business administration, human

SUEZ site-seeing | Weekly round up

8th December 2017 Posted by

Over the past few weeks, our new External Affairs Director, Dr Adam Read has been busy touring the country and getting to know what goes on backstage at SUEZ, today he reflects on the facilities he has seen so far. Following his visits, Adam put together a series of short blogs giving you a flavour of what goes on at each

Employee engagement survey – the results

4th December 2017 Posted by

The results of the SUEZ recycling and recovery UK employee engagement survey for 2017, U Say, are finally in. In my last blog I highlighted a phenomenal return rate of 84% across the entire population of our employees and today I am pleased to continue with positive messages. Our partner in this journey, Best Companies, have confirmed that we have retained

Employee engagement survey – a world class result

13th November 2017 Posted by

Here, at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK we are excited and full of anticipation as we await the results of our latest employee engagement survey. The survey is called U Say and we run it every two years with our partner Best Companies, a company specialising in workplace and employee engagement.

The New Year’s resolutions

25th January 2016 Posted by

For most of us January is the time of making resolutions, as we enter the new year and are getting ready for all its challenges and opportunities. Maybe we will trot out the old favourites … joining a gym, giving up smoking or perhaps drinking less, but we all know that many of these resolutions fall by the wayside by the

Engagement survey – focus on manual employees

17th November 2015 Posted by

Our organisation is made up of over 300 sites spread from the very north of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall. With many sites having as few as five employees our supervisors and managers are spread out widely, and often have responsibility for a number of sites at different locations. This has always presented us with the challenge of ensuring

Employee engagement survey – the results

10th November 2015 Posted by

Just over a month ago our ‘U Say’ employee engagement survey for 2015 came to a close. Running up to this survey I was concerned about the return rate, as we changed the information collection method moving from a paper-based to an electronic format for a large section of employees – in fact, nearly 80 per cent of our staff

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