David Palmer-Jones

David Palmer-Jones

Chief Executive Officer

David Palmer-Jones became Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK (formerly SITA UK) in October 2008. Prior to rejoining SUEZ recycling and recovery UK in 2006, where he began his career, David spent 12 years working in Europe for both SUEZ in Sweden and France. David was Chief Executive Officer of SITA Scandinavia from 2003 to 2006.

David has transformed the way the company views the management of waste for its customers, moving towards a resource efficiency and recycling-led approach.

Until June 2017, David was also the President of the European Federation of Waste Management (FEAD).

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Dr Gev Eduljee

Director of External Affairs

Gev Eduljee is Director of External Affairs at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. Gev joined SUEZ in 2001, with oversight for environmental, environment management systems and health and safety functions. He previously worked in hazardous waste treatment, before spending 15 years in environmental consulting. Gev has published widely on waste-related issues, including incineration and public health risk assessment. He is a member of Defra’s Advisory Committee on Packaging and was previously a member of the Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances.

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Stuart Hayward-Higham

Development Director

Stuart Hayward-Higham is Technical Development Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. Stuart is currently responsible for non-bidding emerging development activities in SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, delivering tools, techniques and information to meet customers’ business imperatives. This includes delivering new solutions or making successful niche activities mainstream through to market intelligence, market modelling and forecasting.

Main activity themes for Stuart include harnessing waste as a resource, energy and bio-fuels manufacture, sorting, extraction and value enhancement for waste mix resources and the increasing introduction of circular economy based products and solutions.

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Anthony Durston

Senior Customer Communications Manager

Anthony Durston joined SUEZ recycling and recovery UK as Senior Customer Communications Manager in 2007, specialising in planning consultation and customer communications. Anthony was first involved in the waste management industry in his role as PR and Fundraising Manager for a social enterprise. He has also worked as a consultant at one of the UK’s leading communications agencies. Anthony moved into our Human Resources team in 2016 as HR Manager.

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Kevan Sproul

Human Resources Director

Kevan Sproul was appointed to the executive committee of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK in November 2002 as Human Resources Director, following a number of years working within the hospitality and service industry. Kevan’s areas of expertise include employee relations and organisational change.

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