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Celebrating women in engineering

23rd June 2021 Posted by

Today is International Women in Engineering Day and we are celebrating the incredible work that women engineers across the globe are doing to support lives and livelihoods. We caught up with some of our own engineers to hear about the great work they are doing asked them, why did they choose engineering – here’s what they had to say. Molly

What is a waste management audit and how does it work?

9th June 2021 Posted by

How well do you understand your business’s waste streams? How much waste do you produce? What percentage is recyclable? Could you reduce your waste further? Chances are, there are areas in your waste streams where you can improve efficiency, minimise waste and save money. And it all starts with a waste management audit. A waste management audit will help to

Business waste jargon buster

3rd June 2021 Posted by

Don’t let business waste jargon bamboozle you – use the SUEZ jargon buster to sift through and understand the all-important terms when organising your business waste. A Anaerobic digestion Anaerobic digestion is the process of breaking down organic matter, and is an alternative to composting of food waste. The process is called anaerobic because it takes place in the absence

Consultations 2021: The fundamental importance of evidence

30th April 2021 Posted by

Blog by Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. The first of our deep-dive EPR and DRS discussion workshops with our customers focused on the importance of evidence in the systems being proposed in the recent waste and resources sector consultations from DEFRA. By approaching evidence in a systematic way we were able to translate the

Working together towards net zero carbon

27th April 2021 Posted by

What is the waste sector’s role in delivering net zero carbon? How do we reduce our own and our customers’ carbon footprint? Recently, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK hosted a three part-webinar series to answer these very questions. In this blog, we discuss the outcomes and key learnings from the webinar as we continue to work with suppliers, customers and

What you need to know about disposing of your lateral flow devices

16th March 2021 Posted by

England started 2021 shackled by yet another national lockdown. These strict restrictions were put in place to ensure that we limited the pressure on an extremely strained NHS and slow down the virus spread. Whilst the vaccination roll-out, which started in December 2020, is critical in our fight against coronavirus, mass COVID testing will also be a critical part of

Weirdest items we find in our recycling facilities

17th September 2019 Posted by

Posted by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. SUEZ in the UK manages recyclable material collected from over five million households. This means that we often find some unusual items on the conveyor belts at our materials recycling facilities. Buy milk, feed the cat, water plants, take out recycling bin…the list of household chores goes on, and sometimes we have a

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